Recording session movies


Here’s a sneak peek of some orchestral recording for the upcoming Gertrudes album “Dawn Time Riot” (Apple Crisp, 2010):

And a recording with some neighbourhood kids for the same album:

Sneak preview…

The Gertrudes + PS I Love You & Bruce Peninsula + Muskox 7" Cover

The Gertrudes + PS I Love You & Bruce Peninsula + Muskox 7" Cover

sneak preview of the 7″ cover! see the first review here.

the studio is amazing… 2 days in and we’ve already got most of the beds done!

February recording updates


We’re really excited to be headed into the studio next week to start recording our first official full-length album! (release date tbd) We’ve got a great collection of songs together and looking forward to hearing some of the early results… Will keep you updated on this front.

We’re also really excited to be on the verge of releasing a split 7″ – a Gertrudes collaboration with PS I Love You with on one side and our friends Bruce Peninsula teaming up with Muskox on the other. It’s been a great project to work on and we’re thrilled with the results thus far. Can’t wait to see it! Hopefully to be available in limited run around the end of March.

Catfish John – Live at Queen Street United


HeroHill was kind enough to place us #3 in their 10 favourite EPs of last year… so we polished up a live version of Catfish John as an exclusive treat for them and their readers. If you didn’t stumble across it sooner, go check it out on Herohill!

For other musical recommendations and more exclusive content, check out the rest of HeroHill’s favourite EP’s of ’09 here.

On the cover of Penguin Eggs!

Penguin Eggs Magazine Cover

Penguin Eggs Magazine Cover

Article: Hard Water – Canadian CD of the Week: February 2nd, 2010


Check out this nice review of Hard Water in Lakehead University’s Press, The Argus.

Ronnie Hawkins Bucky Award Nomination


Ronnie Hawkins was just nominated as CBC3 Bucky award for “Most Canadian Song”. Yikes. the list of songs/artists is pretty awesome. This version is from Montreal Oct 15 with our friends Lake of Stew. You gotta check out Chris Trimmer’s wild theremin solo near the end. That’s gotta put us over the top! We encourage you to do the good Canadian thing, and go vote! Here’s the link: – Pete

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